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Concert-goers cars impounded after parking scam

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NORMAN, Okla.--While trying to attend a benefit for storm victims, some drivers at the Toby Keith Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert became the victims of a scam.

This time, it has nothing to do with their tickets.

Money is hard to come by at this time for Bryce Matteson, so when family members gave him the concert tickets, he thought he had won the lottery.

He said, "I'm battling melanoma cancer and for the past year I've been making trips to Virginia for a clinical trial."

Except when his $20 parking space turned into a $212 bill.

Norman police say someone was selling those parking spaces on property they didn't own.

So when those drivers came out from the concert, they found their cars had been towed.

In fact, Matteson says the woman who took his money guaranteed that his car would be safe and also warned him about other areas where he would probably get towed.

He said, "She looked right in my eyes, she said, 'We'll take good care of it for you. We'll keep an eye on it. Don't worry about it."

Apparently, the real property owner didn't give anyone permission to park there.

Norman police say several people who were there just to enjoy the concert were ripped off.

Matteson said, "I was just the victim of somebody who was out for a quick buck."

To avoid a problem like this in the future, police recommend parking on campus.

If you park in the neighborhoods for big events, make sure it is an area you are familiar with before you hand over your money.