UPDATE: In Your Corner team busts Blacktop Boys

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UPDATE: An alert News Channel 4 viewer contacted us from Woodward after seeing the paving crew from our Tuesday night story.

The viewer sent in these pictures of the "Blacktop Boys" equipment at a local gas station in Woodward.

We've been in contact with law enforcement in Woodward as well and at last report the crew was heading north on U.S. Highway 183.

If you see the paving crew, contact us here at KFOR or your local authorities.

Our In Your Corner Team has been getting new complaints involving out-of-state pavers running an asphalt scam right here in Oklahoma.

By now, you're probably familiar with the con artists.

They tend to go door-to-door with a "hard sell" and end up overcharging customers for shoddy work.

Worse still, they often target the elderly.

An asphalt scammer with ties to Houston showed up on Alven and Helen Lawson's doorstep.

He told the Lawson's he was from Norman, Oklahoma.

Helen said a man named Bill Hall told them he had just finished a paving job up the street.

The couple fell for the ploy, hook, line and sinker.

They wrote Hall for checks totaling $9,000.

All they got in return was asphalt that cracks and warps.

"It's terribly maddening and frustrating and makes me angry at myself more than anybody else, that I fell for it," Helen said. "I mean, we're old enough to know better."

The Lawsons did some things right; they kept a detailed paper trail and took pictures of Bill Hall's workers.

The worker's dump truck has Minnesota tags yet it appears to be registered in Texas.

The In Your Corner Team contacted Texas investigators who told us the company's license was pulled in 2009 because Hall and his business, "Blacktop Boys," were operating without insurance.

We found more clues with a second license number which traced back to a North Dakota company, "B4 Contracting."

So far, no one from either company returned our numerous calls.

The bottom line is the "Blacktop Boys" are operating illegally in our state.

In fact, they don't even have a federal license. Should one of them approach you, tell them to scram and call your local authorities.

One KFOR viewer stopped the crew in Woodward and NewsChannel 4 filed the following updated report: