Toddler uses smartphone app to purchase car

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PORTLAND, Ore.–Kids are fascinated with smartphones but one child’s curiosity cost her parents more than $200.

Sorella Stoute loves to play with smartphones and the family’s car keys.

However, they never expected the 14-month-old to put the two together.

One day, she ended up on the Ebay app on her dad’s cell phone and purchased a car.

Her parents didn’t find out until Ebay sent them a notice congratulating them on their purchase of a gently used 1962 Austin Healey Sprite.

Paul Stoute said, “Panic, initial panic, just what do we do. We can’t really afford it.”

Stoute says he has done body work before but this car is on a whole new level.

He says he plans to fix the car and give it to Sorella on her 16th birthday or as a graduation gift.