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How to prevent, treat summertime bug bites

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You may be spending a lot of time outside and that could mean more bug bites for the family.

Pediatricians say they’re seeing a lot of ant bites, mosquito bites, ticks and chiggers on our little ones this year.

However, there are some simple things you can do to ease the pain and prevent infection.

For ant bites, pediatricians recommend sealing the area with a band-aid to prevent scratching.

There is no real treatment for chigger bites but an anti-itch cream can make it bearable.

If you’re in a wooded area, you may encounter ticks, which can transmit dangerous diseases.

Dr. Carolyn Carlson said, “Tick, you want to get rid of right away but don’t squeeze the body, don’t use matches, don’t cover them in Vaseline.”

An ice pack or oatmeal soak can soothe different kinds of bites and stings.

However, experts say you should keep a close eye on the wound for any signs of infection.

Mosquito bites are something many of us have to deal with during the summertime.

To prevent being a meal, use a bug repellant with DEET.

Experts say if you’re going to be in the woods a lot, try applying Picaridin right onto your clothing, which can repel insects like ticks and chiggers.