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Man accused of using shock collar on toddler

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HINTON, Okla.-- Authorities in Caddo County are investigating a horrific case of child abuse after a Hinton man allegedly put a dog shock collar around the neck of a 3-year-old little girl.

Neighbors say the family always seemed very nice and they never suspected this kind of abuse could happen just next door.

Investigators say a 3-year-old girl was abused by her mother's boyfriend, 35-year-old Robert Allen Seyler.

Chief Shanon Pack, with the Hinton Police Department, said, "Hit, kicked, forced to hold a heavy back with weights in it and that also she had been shocked with an electric dog shocking collar."

Hinton police say they got a call about the abuse from the child's mother.

She says she waited until Seyler left for work before making the call.

Authorities say when they arrived, it didn't take long to start piecing the story together.

Pack said, "There also appeared to be some burn marks on the child."

Court records say the 3-year-old told police, "Daddy hit me with the belt and shocked me with the dog collar."

The affidavit states that Seyler, "Hit the child in the stomach with a closed fist."

It goes on to say he also, "Kicked her in the stomach and chest area and made her hit her head on the floor."

The mother also reported that Seyler told her that if she told police, he would kill her and the children.

Seyler is currently behind bars on child abuse by injury charges.

He maintains his innocence and claims the mother is the one who hurt the little girl.

However, she has not been identified as a suspect in the case.

Officials say this isn't Seyler's first time to be in trouble for child abuse.

In the past, he has been charged for physical abuse of a child.