OKC police officer kills man outside concert

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A police shooting in Oklahoma City leaves one man dead. The violence took place during a rap concert at the Farmers Market near downtown Thursday night.

Oklahoma City Police say two off duty officers were patrolling outside the concert when they confronted Billy Simms Jr. armed with a handgun. Police say Simms refused to listen to their commands.

That led one of the officers to open fire killing the 24-year-old.

Chicago based rapper "Chief Keef" headlined the event, where violence started even before shots rang out.

"A big fight started and a friend said it's time to go and we came out and saw this whole thing was roped off," said concert goer Casey Kalafut.

Oklahoma City police claim two off duty, yet fully uniformed officers, saw Simms sleeping or passed out in a car in the parking lot, then noticed a handgun in Simms' waistband.

"They exchanged verbal commands with him and he failed to follow and the officer opened fire killing that subject," said Oklahoma City police Captain Dexter Nelson.

While it's unclear if the victim actually pointed his gun at the officers, police say the man's failure to comply with their orders could've been seen as a threatening act.

"Officers are justified using deadly force if they feel their lives are threatened.  In this case at least one officer deemed it necessary to use deadly force," said Nelson.

The officer who pulled the trigger, 19-year police veteran Paul Galyon, has been put on paid leave while the case is investigated.

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