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Update: Storm victim wins battle with insurance company

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MOORE, Okla. -- Tonight there is a positive update and the start of a new beginning for a tornado victim we first told you about earlier this week. Alicia Stone was one of a dozen clients who had hired a local attorney to fight their insurance companies.

Stone had just purchased her home one month before the tornado and her insurance company was offering her $25,000 less than she had paid for it.

NewsChannel 4 has learned that things are looking up for the Stone family.

After a demanding letter from her attorney and a story here on NewsChannel 4 it seems Alicia Stones’ insurance company has had a change of heart.

Snack time for the Stone children comes with an assignment today adding up the four checks they just received from insurance.

"$160,804; that’s a lot of money," tornado victim, Samayia Stone says.

It’s a big number to these kiddos, but just a start to the rebuilding process for their single mother.

"Today is an ecstatic day for us," Alicia Stone says.

Stone says she's convinced the only reason she got these checks is because she hired an attorney.

"Had been calling the agent and asking him ok, where are we at in the process? And he kept putting me off and oh, I'll finish the report, oh I'm going to get the report and then he never did," Alicia Stone explains.

"I don’t think that it's a coincidence that we make a demand and lo and behold the checks appear, via hand delivery no less," Attorney Jeff Marr says.

Marr has dozens of other clients who lost homes in the Moore tornadoes and don't feel their insurance companies are treating them fairly.

"There are so many people out there in the same boat," Marr says.

He says Alicia is still entitled to more under her policy and that she will need more since a structural engineer disagreed with her adjuster and said the house needs to be bulldozed.

"I'm ready to rebuild. They're ready to rebuild. They're ready to pick up our pieces and be able to move forward," Stone says.

Alicia's kids can now replace some of their favorite things the tornado took away like their pillow pets and favorite electronics and begin the process of getting their old life back.

Stone's insurance company is United Home Insurance out of Arkansas. NewsChannel 4 contacted them today for a comment but did not get a call back.

NewsChannel 4 did an earlier story on how Jeff Marr is helping tornado victims. You can read that story here: