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Great State: Movie Camp

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NORMAN, Okla. - The shooting schedule at the Actor Factory on this July morning is an ambitious one.

There are more than ten scenes involving a dozen actors, most of them in an air conditioned room rehearsing.

The first actor in line is Cassidy Mulligan.

She's shooting an emotional scene where she confronts her fictional mother about her learning disability.

Cassidy says, "a couple of times I actually thought I was going to make myself cry on accident."

The child actors are campers.

The young film crew are campers too.

Sometimes even the editors get to be campers.

They're all here as guests of Chris Friehofer, who runs the Actor Factory in Norman.

This is crunch time at film camp.

"There's a lot of pre and post production that goes into this camp in a very short amount of time," he says.

"But we've never missed a deadline. We've come close but we've never missed one."

Friehofer is a casting agent and film actor based in Oklahoma and has a long list of credits to his name.

He started the Actor Factory to train adults students in how to act in movies.

He expanded to summer camps for kids who wanted the same kind of training.

"It's just a way for the kids to learn film acting, to apply it, and have a finished product at the end," he says.

They don't shoot a whole movie.

Kids like Jose Morales and Brynn Sullivan only have time to get one quick scene completed.

But that's enough to put on a demo reel, and to get a good taste of what it might be like on a real set, where, if movie dreams come true, they're the star.

The Actor Factory holds three summer camps for kids.

At the end of each one week camp they screen all the scenes in a premiere night complete with formal wear and a red carpet.

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