In Your Corner: Charity imposters target metro drivers

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OKLA. CITY - Fraudsters are targeting metro drivers under the guise of a local charity.

Panhandlers are seemingly everywhere, but not all of them are who they say they are.

YWCA spokesperson, Nicole Wright said, “They're asking for funds for the battered woman's shelter.”

There are reports of several imposters posing as charity workers approaching drivers trying to solicit cash donations for the YWCA.

Wright said, “They're standing out on the corners of the intersections. They have on orange shirts typically and they're soliciting for funds.”

So far, no one's been able to get the culprits on camera.

There have been at least four sightings so far though at the intersections of North May and 39th Street and North Broadway and 23rd Street.

Panhandlers are required to be insured and must apply for a city permit.   

It's likely whomever's behind these latest shenanigans has neither.

“The only facts we do have is that they're soliciting and they're soliciting for a battered woman's shelter,” Wright said. “Whether or not those funds are actually coming to us, we have no record of that.”

A community is now on alert.

“I think it's wrong,” Oklahoma City driver, Robert Conley, said.  I don't understand why someone would do that. Karma will get them.”

The In Your Corner bottom line is this. Not-for-profits like the YWCA will never approach you at busy intersections asking for money.

If you have any information on the identities of these alleged scam artists, contact the YWCA or you can give us a call at our news station.

We'll keep you posted.