Oklahomans gather to protest Zimmerman trial verdict

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The backlash continues over the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Americans, including Oklahomans, have much to say about the jury’s decision.

A jury of six women acquitted the Florida man on Saturday of the fatal shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. In response, protesters are taking to the streets around the country and the Justice Department even considering federal charges against Zimmerman.

A group of Oklahomans marched to the capitol Monday wearing hoodies and carrying skittles and tea just as Trayvon Martin was the night he was killed.

March organizer Christopher Jones says he and his supporters are not with any specific organization, just a group of people getting together to express their frustration.

“This is my passion. I have taken my liberties and my independence to go out and exercise my First Amendment right, freedom of speech,” says Jones. “To get these people together and go out and actually bring a voice, especially in Oklahoma.”

Jones says he hopes their march brings a decision that was made in Florida home for Oklahomans.

“This situation should never have happened. You have an adult that took a child’s life,” says Jones. There’s nothing that you could tell me that will make that right. There’s nothing you could tell me to make that right. No justice, no peace.”