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Protests fill streets, shut down highway after George Zimmerman verdict

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People filled the streets in cities across America, protesting the "not guilty" verdict in the George Zimmerman murder case.

Demonstrators shut down part of a highway in California and overflowed Times Square.

Some people wore hoodies; others held posters with Trayvon Martin's face, demanding justice and trying to honor the Florida teenager who was killed, last year.

Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson said the protests like this are inevitable.

"...but they must be carried out with dignity and discipline and let no act discredit the legacy of Trayvon Martin on the appeal of his family, because in the long run, we will prevail in the struggle for justice," he said.

Most demonstrations were peaceful, like the one in San Francisco and others in Denver, Detroit and Baltimore.

But as the night went on, a handful of protests did turn sour.

Police in Los Angeles declared a "tactical alert."

CNN affiliate KABC reported one group of protesters threw rocks at officers who responded by firing beanbag rounds.

In Oakland, protesters angry with the American justice system stood below one American flag while burning another.

The legal fight isn't over for George Zimmerman, who could possibly face federal civil-rights charges and a civil lawsuit in Trayvon Martin's death.

Attorney for the Martin family, Jasmine Rand, said, "I'm wearing my hoodie as a symbol to all of those who have supported us, the millions of followers that we've had who brought George Zimmerman to the arrest, who brought him to meet a jury of his peers."

The jury found Zimmerman not guilty but still many protesters stood in the streets chanting "no justice, no peace."

Federal prosecutors said they plant to take a close look at the trial, including a review of testimony and evidence, to determine if they'll proceed with their case.