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Purcell man gets billed for sewer he does not use

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PURCELL, Okla. -- Bill Perry of Purcell said he's tired of paying for something he doesn't use.

"I wasn't on a sewer system, so why should I get charged for something I'm not using," Perry says.

His home on Green Avenue has been there since 1938. First they had an outhouse and then a septic tank.  The city built a sewer line, but Bill's family never hooked onto it.

"Everything that's in the house drains into that septic system; the sink, commodes, bathtubs," Perry explains.

Perry is frustrated because he still has to pay the city for sewer use every month even though he doesn't use it. Purcell City Manager, Dale Bunn, said it falls under a city ordinance that regulates sewer hook up after the city extends a system.

"According to the ordinance, if you're within 300 feet of the sanitary sewer you need to be connected to it," Bunn says.

Bunn said Perry is the one who is breaking the rules and he could be fined.

"We wouldn't go out and hunt him down for not doing that unless we had a complaint from a neighbor that this septic system is causing a problem," Dale Bunn explains.

Perry said he thinks it's wrong and doesn't want to pay anymore.

"I feel like the city is stealing from me," Perry says.