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Wife’s stolen ashes returned to widower

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - An Oklahoma City man who was desperately pleading with thieves to return his wife's ashes has them back. Burglars broke into Don Wearmouth's Hefner Village home Tuesday afternoon. They stole jewelry, a gun, money and his wife, Karin's, ashes.

The 80-year-old went on the news asking thieves to leave the ashes where someone can find them. A woman named Clara Colbert found them Wednesday morning on the steps at her apartment complex in the 2100 block of SW 46th.

"It was something on the stairs right there on the third step down there," said Colbert. "and when I looked inside, I seen it had the remains cremation of so and so."

Colbert called police who then returned the cremated remains.

"I feel happy to find it for somebody that can get it back," said Colbert. "Then after a while, I was thinking it's sad because someone had to go and break in to his house and steal something from him that's very valuable to him."

Whoever stole the ashes, did leave them at the apartment complex for someone to find.

"I feel like maybe they had a heart and felt a little bit human," said Wearmouth.

Wearmouth sends this message to the woman who picked up his wife's ashes: "I cannot express how gratified, how thankful I am. I really appreciate her doing that."

Now Karin's family will have the chance to spread her ashes.

"I'll probably keep a little of the ashes in a jar or something, you know, because every day I got up and talked to it," said Wearmouth.

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