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Florida sheriff cuts ties with NAACP, saying their priorities are out of line

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FT. MYERS, FLa. -- A Florida sheriff is taking the Lee County NAACP to task, writing a harsh and graphic letter saying the group's priorities are out of whack.

Lee County Sheriff Lee Scott says he's gone to the NAACP Freedom Fund Awards Banquet for years; he's even been honored at them. But in a two-page letter, he says two issues have thrown the local branch off course, and he won't support them.

"I'm surprised Sheriff Scott didn't pick up the phone and give us the same courtesy we have in the past," Lee County's NAACP president James Muwakkil said upon reading the letter.

Scott says the language, and violence on the streets of Fort Myers is more offensive than the issues the NAACP is tackling, like the removal of a painting of Southern Civil War General Robert E. Lee from county commission chambers.

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