New device claims to take the bite out of bugs

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There’s a new product that claims it can relieve the painful and annoying itching of mosquito bites.

The “Thera-Pick” says it will put an end to the itch in 30 seconds by using heat from a tiny light bulb.

You simply press a button and hold the device against the bite for 30 seconds.

A reporter that tried it said the itching and swelling from the bite went away within an hour with no trace left behind.

The problem is that it must be used immediately after being bitten.

Dr. Michael Kaufman said, “This is one of the things that the mosquito tries to avoid. It doesn’t want you to know because you’re going to smash it. And while it’s feeding, some of these things actually numb the sensation.”

Experts say the “Thera-pick” is effective but not necessarily practical.

It’s also supposed to work on bee, wasp and jellyfish stings.

The device recently got FDA approval and is being sold at Wal-Mart and online retailers for around $12.