OKC ranks as third “most trusting city” in U.S.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Our state’s Capitol comes in as the third “most trusting city” in the U.S. according to a recent study’s results.

SeekingArrangement.com anonymously surveyed over 22,000 of its US members and found that 55 percent of Americans have previously spied on their significant other.

Oklahoma City ranked as one of the top three most trusting cities with just over 46 percent of locals admitting to their snooping habits.

To put it in perspective, Richmond, Virginia, was the “Least Trusting City,” with almost 70 percent of their residents admitting to previously spying on their significant other.

Denver came in as the second “Least Trusting City” and Tampa, Florida, was close behind.

Of the “Most Trusting Cities,” Jacksonville, Florida, was first followed by Baltimore, Maryland, and then Oklahoma City. 

The study discovered that hacking into email is the most common method used to spy.

They also revealed more women seem to snoop than men.

Over 70 percent of women admitted to it while only 27 percent of men said they spied.

Most Common Methods of Spying (Based on Percentage of Total Surveyed)

1.)    Unauthorized email access – 58 Percent

2.)    Unauthorized access to text messages – 47 Percent

3.)    Researching social media accounts – 39 Percent

4.)    Listening in on phone calls or use of phone taps– 18 Percent

5.)    Looking through telephone records – 18 Percent

6.)    Looking through credit card statements – 16 Percent

7.)    Following and shadowing – 10 Percent

8.)    Using mobile GPS tracking – 7 Percent

9.)    Hiring a private investigator – 4 Percent

10.)  Other – 9 Percent