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Police arrest seven suspects, seize evidence in pharmacy burglary

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NICOMA PARK, Okla.-- Police say they have made a handful of arrests after a group of thieves targeted a metro pharmacy last week.

Westminster Family Drug became the scene of a crime after crooks made off with thousands of dollars worth of prescription medication.

Security cameras captured someone breaking into the business not once, but twice in less than an hour.

Although only one person appears in the video, Nicoma Park police say there were multiple people involved.

Authorities initially arrested Christopher Roberts and another suspect.

One week later, five others were taken into custody in connection with the break-in.

Chief Rob Groseclose, with the Nicoma Park Police Department, said, "We put a stop to a large group of people that were distributing quite a bit of controlled substances here in eastern Oklahoma County."

Evidence was seized after authorities served several search warrants.

Nicoma Park police say they were even able to recover some of the stolen medication, drug paraphernalia and a handgun.

Groseclose said, "Some of them were going to use and some of them, they were going to sell. The main intent was to sell the medication they stole."

Officials say they also found some of the tools that investigators believe were used to get into the drug store.

He said, "I feel pretty comfortable that we have everybody that we are going to in custody."

Close to $7,000 worth of medication was stolen from the store but experts say it is worth much more on the street.