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Police investigating unusual auto/pedestrian accident

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NORMAN - Police say 69-year-old Eddie Eaton was walking along State Highway 9 between 60th Avenue Southeast and 72nd Avenue Southeast around 2:30am on Tuesday when he was hit by a driver going the same direction as he was.

"A lot of people initially thought it was a hit and run." Captain Tom Easley said. "It is not a hit and run. The driver of the other car went to a location where he could access a phone and then called us and let us know."

Michael Wafford is the driver who hit Eaton, and says he just didn't see him. "Going down Highway 9, raining and dark, I saw a flash of green and my mirror flies off. I don't know what happened. Pouring down rain and pitch black."

Wafford says he doesn't carry his phone with him when he works his second-shift job because he could get fired if his employer sees him with it.

"I called 911 on my way back." Wafford said. "They said 'where are you?' I said 'I'm at 156 and highway 9.' They said 'stay there.'"

Eaton is still in the hospital in critical condition.

"I'm sure sorry it happened." Waffor said.

The case has left police with a lot of unanswered questions.

"The mystery remains of what Mr. Eaton was doing on the roadway at that particular time of day and why he was on foot." Easley said.

At this time, the driver has not been given a ticket or charged with any crime.