Baby Veronica’s biological father fighting to keep daughter

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The biological father of Baby Veronica, the toddler in the middle of a custody battle, is sharing his side of the story.

In 2009 a South Carolina couple, Matt and Melanie Capobianco, adopted Veronica when she was born.

In 2011 the toddler was given to her biological father, Dusten Brown, who filed for custody under the Indian Child Welfare Act, as a member of the Cherokee Nation.

Wednesday, the South Carolina Supreme Court ordered Veronica be returned to her adoptive parents and the adoption be finalized.

Brown and his wife have now issued a statement on the case.

“We are outraged that the South Carolina Supreme Court would order the adoption of our child finalized without a proper hearing to determine what is in Veronica’s best interests. This child has been back with her family for 19 months and to tear her away from us, the family she loves and the only family she knows or remembers, would be devastating to her.”¬†

Brown said he and his wife will never give up the fight to raise their daughter.

He said they have contacted a U.S. senator for help and they are encouraging other Oklahomans to do the same on their behalf.

As of Friday morning, Veronica is still in Brown’s custody.

He has five days to file a petition for a re-hearing.

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