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Paralyzed man shoots friend during ‘intruder training’

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WAYNE, Okla --Rocky Trammell had the very best intentions. His best friend, paralyzed and living alone, had recently received some threats and wanted to learn how to protect himself.

Trammell said, "Being in a bed, paralyzed, somebody comes through the front door, you're vulnerable. How much time do you have to react? That's what we were doing."

The man was armed with a 40 caliber handgun. Rocky Trammel "pretended" to be the intruder. But when his friend pointed the gun and squeezed the trigger, they quickly learned there had been a life-threatening mistake.

Trammell told NewsChannel 4,"He thought he'd unloaded, but there was still one in the chamber."

The bullet went through Rocky's chest and exited the back. The disabled gunman, remained calm and raced his dying friend to the hospital.

Rocky said, "He saved my life. If he had waited on the medics I would have died. I lost three pints of blood and I was bleeding out."

McClain County authorities ruled the shooting was accidental and the shooter will NOT face charges. But the sheriff says this incident is an important reminder to everyone about firearms safety.

Sheriff Don Hewett told NewsChannel 4, "You cannot point a weapon, whether you think it's unloaded or not, at a human being unless you're prepared to use it. If it's practice, training, you can't do it because you have situations like this."

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