Possible hostages found in Houston “prison room”

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HOUSTON (CNN) – Texas authorities are investigating claims that at least four people were held captive for years in a home in a Houston neighborhood.

Police responded to a welfare check after receiving a report that three to four people were being held against their will.

Officers broke down a door that had been nailed shut to get into the house and discovered a so-called “prison room.”

CNN is reporting that at least four men have told investigators they were held against their will.

The men told officers they had been held at the house over varying lengths of time.

One said he was held as long as 10 years.

Police say they believe that the men could have been homeless and enticed there with the promise of cigarettes and beer.

They are now trying to determine if four women found inside the home were also being held captive.

Emergency crews took the victims, who appeared to be malnourished, to a local hospital to be checked out.

So far, no charges have been filed.

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