Consumer Queen sounds alert on scam phone calls

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- We all know what it's like to get telemarketer and spam calls on our phones. But one Oklahoma mother says their tactics to squeeze information out of her went way too far.

Melissa Garcia writes the popular blog, Consumer Queen. Her blog gets 400,000 hits a month and thousands follow her on facebook and twitter.

She's used to helping people save a buck, but now she's sharing a serious warning.

"I don't normally get those type of calls, like obscene, like heavy breathing or anything like that," said Garcia.

For months, she's been plagued by phone calls on her home and cell phone; a recording asking if she wants to lower the interest rates on her credit cards.

She always presses 9 to speak to a person and ask them to take her off their call list. But on Monday, she got more than she bargained for, and a man asking invasive, personal questions.

"He said well ma'am, this call is for senior citizens and you sound like a honey. I was like ok. And he's laughing," said Garcia.

So Garcia repeats again that she wants off the call list.

"And then all of a sudden he started screaming, you want me to take off your clothes? You want me to take off your clothes? And I was just like shocked! I was just like what?" said Garcia.

Assistant Oklahoma Attorney General, Ethan Shaner, says the do-not-call list works when it comes to valid companies, but not those that are just trying to scam you out of money or personal information.

"Most of the time I would advise just don't answer the phone if you don't recognize the number," said Shaner. "What they're doing is illegal in and of itself so they don't really care about whether they're violating the do-not-call list."

"It's time for consumers to take action. You know we need to stand up and say hey we're not going to put up with this," said Garcia.

Garcia is now spreading the word on social media. When we tried calling the number on her caller id, it had been disconnected.

Shaner says you can file a complaint and recently the federal government has had some success going after people making these calls.

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