Okla. lawmaker calls for review of ‘Stand Your Ground’ law

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma lawmaker is calling for a review of the state's 'Stand Your Ground' laws.

'Stand Your Ground' laws are in effect in more than 30 states, including Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's law is a virtual copy of the Florida statute that has sparked nationwide discussion.

Rep. Mike Shelton said, "I've heard from a lot of people who say we need to change 'Stand Your Ground' legislation."

Rep. Shelton says the public outcry is why he's calling for a review of Oklahoma's law when the statehouse resumes their next session.

He said, "I think what we should do is come together and understand both sides of the conversation."

On the other hand, gun rights advocates remain highly skeptical that Shelton's review will do any good.

They say the laws don't need to be changed.

Miles Hall, with H&H Shooting Sports, said, "I would be surprised if there's any change because what they did was well written."

Rep. Mike Reynolds said, "I think any citizen ought to have a right to protect themselves."

Reynolds says he actually hopes the statehouse study results in an expansion of 'Stand Your Ground' laws.

Reynolds said, "I hope it backfires on those calling for stricter laws."

Shelton said, "It would be a tough battle."

Shelton admits that despite the protests, the laws may not be changed but he wants to reopen public discussion of the issue.

Shelton said, "When two sides come together to have a conversation, that's a good thing."

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