Suspected shoplifter hides in Old Navy for 7 and 1/2 hours

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EDMOND, Okla -- Kaydee Norton once worked in retail. She knows shoplifters can get creative.

"We had people come up with crazy schemes all the time," Norton says.

But Kaydee Norton never heard anything quite like what happened at the Edmond Old Navy recently.

Edmond PD got an alarm call to Bryant Square and discovered the front door unlocked. The Old Navy manager and police began surfing through surveillance tape and kept seeing the same woman, over and over and over again.

Police Spokeswoman, Jenny Monroe said, "The unusual part is you put 7 and 1/2 hours work into it."

Employees at Old Navy are taking inventory to see what may have been taken.

But, we do know this based on store video; the woman walks through the front doors at 2:36 pm. She doesn't leave until 9:53 pm.

That's 53 minutes after the employees clocked out for the night.

Kaydee Norton asked,"No way. Where was she hiding? That's the million dollar question. Did she come out with anything good?"

The mystery shopper can be seen walking past the only witnesses, those familiar Old Navy Mannequins, and leaving the store with at least two sacks under her arm.

Police would like to know where she was hiding and what was taken. It's a mind boggling mystery and only that one person knows the answers.

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