Which states have the most ‘Honest Tea’

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Last week NewsChannel 4 told you about a unique social experiment happening around the country. Oklahomans and other Americans were being put to the test. Which states can call themselves the most honest?

It involved an un-manned kiosk with bottled teas on July 17th at the Myriad Gardens. Next to the teas there was a Lucite box, asking for $1 to be placed in an “honor box” for one bottle of tea.

The beverage company, "Honest Tea" placed the kiosks in all 50 states in an attempt to see who had the most honest citizens. The results, released today, shows that Oklahomans are pretty honest, but we're not exactly the most honest state.

Alabama and Hawaii take the top spot with a 100% success rate; meaning that every person who stopped by the kiosk paid up.

Indiana and Maine held the number two spot and Oklahoma tied with Iowa, Nevada, and Tennessee for number three.

Rounding out the bottom of the honesty test? The least honest city was Washington D.C. followed by West Virginia, and then Texas.

The full "Honest Tea" test can be seen here:

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