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In Your Corner Team helps mother whose SUV won’t run

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Ebony Young is furious with the guy she hired to repair her Dodge Durango.

Nikolas Young, who is in no way related to Ebony, was paid $2,000 to put a new motor in the SUV.

“He's [wasn’t] going to buy me a motor without the $2,000 down.

Ebony says Young had her broke down SUV at his south side shop for four months.  

Now it won't run.

Broke and raising two kids, Ebony turned to the In Your Corner team for help!

“I said Scott Hines is calling me. Wow! I was so excited,” Ebony said. “I was like about time someone finally heard my cry about this car.”

We gladly arranged for a second inspection.

Twister Towing hauled the SUV across town to Brian's Automotive, where owner, Brian Thompson, and his team of certified master mechanics sized up the work under the hood.

“Everything is completely unplugged,” Thompson said.

They found water in the motor.

“The engine's done,” Thompson said. “Whether this engine is the used one or the original one, the motor's bad and definitely needs to be replaced.”

We stopped by Young's repair shop for an explanation.

He refused to meet us in-person, but did talk to us over the phone.

He admitted four months was a long time for Ebony to wait for her car.  

“It shouldn't have took that long but like I said, I had a death in my family,” Young said. “I was grieving.”

Even so, Young refused to refund Ebony her money.

He said, “No, because she got a new engine.”

Shortly after we hung up with Young, we received a threatening voicemail from some guy claiming to be Young’s "representative".

“We would appreciate it if you guys do not come back down here anymore. You're not welcome,” he said. “What you can do and if you do come back, there will be actions tooken against you. So this is, this is your warning call.”

Ebony's patience tank is running on empty.

“You try to do better for your children, do better yourself,” she said. “Then you pour all your money into something and get no results. I've been really, really tired, heart broke.

There’s more bad news for Ebony. Not only is Nickolas Young still refusing to refund her money, but it's going to take thousands of dollars in repairs to get Ebony's SUV up and running again. For now, she'll have to continue to bum rides. We'll check back.

Here are the Better Business Bureau's Dos and Don'ts when dealing with repair shops.