Marines walking across America stop in Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A pair of marines are walking across the country to raise money for wounded veterans. During a four month period they expect to walk 2,700 miles. Their journey started at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. Thursday they made their way to Oklahoma City.

Thousands of Americans are injured in wars on foreign soil. To make sure the wounded service men and women are taken care of, two corporals are putting feet to pavement; walking across the United States.

"Basically our goal is to make a difference in one person's life. We realize we can't change anyone but if we can make one person's life a little easier, then its worth it," said Adam Shatarsky.

He and his best friend Christopher Senoplle created the Wounded Warrior Project to raise money and help veterans pay for ramps at their homes, electric wheelchairs, and other items that make life a little easier.

On their trek they've been able to see parts of America they only heard about.

"This is the America we hoped existed," Corporal Christopher Senoplle says.

The campaign has grown on social media and supporters have made an effort to visit them on he road.

Shatarsky said, "Everyone has been inviting us into their homes or dinner or paying for us to stay in a hotel, its been unbelievable."

They're so committed to the cause, they haven't let the scorching heat stop them. They say the soles of their shoes melted as they walked through the Mojave desert.

The marines are walking all the way to Washington, D.C. They say $.65 of every dollar is going to injured veterans across the country.

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