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Artist releases balloons with one-of-a-kind art representing new mural

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It has been two years in the making and will cost $70,000.

It’s a new mural representing Oklahoma at the Rocktown Climbing Gym in Oklahoma City.

The artist behind it all is doing something unique as a preview to what’s to come.

It starts with a personal message from the artist himself, securely wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, then strategically tied to it, a giant red balloon.

Artist Idealist Rick Sinnett is sending a small version of the new mural that will eventually end up on the side of Rocktown's grain silos, up into the air not knowing where it will end up.

"I have no idea, something random, it's a spontaneous thing and again, it's art for the people," Sinnett said.

The art silo project is no secret; the purpose is to represent Oklahoma in a special way with symbols.

Such as painting the state bird, the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, and the state wild flower, the Indian Blanket.

"This is a way that I can give back to the state that I was born and raised in and it's important for me to be able to do that," Sinnett said.

This is the largest project Sinnett has been faced with, the silo is 100 feet tall and 128 feet wide.

To make this possible, Downtown OKC Inc., donated $10,000 to kick off the project, which will cost nearly $70,000 when finished.

When all is said and done, Sinnett said he hopes his artwork can put a smile on people's' faces.

"If a handful of people smile whether they're laughing at it or it makes them happy or whatever, then I feel that my job has been done," Sinnett said.

Sinnett will begin painting soon and the completion date is set for October.

If you happen to get one of Sinnett’s balloons, call him at (405) 618-0311 or find him on Facebook.