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DEA forgets college student in cell, awarded $4 million

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SAN DIEGO, Calif.- The federal government will pay $4 million to a college student left in a DEA holding cell for four days.

In April of 2012, 23-year-old Daniel Chong was detained following a drug raid at a friend’s house in San Diego.

Authorities later realized he wasn’t involved in any criminal act but forgot about him being held in a 5-by-10 foot windowless cell.

Chong had no food, water or restroom.

Doctors say he drank his own urine and was near death when he was finally discovered.

Chong said, “I was kicking the door, yelling. I even put shoe strings through the crack of the door for visual signs.”

He suffered acute renal failure and dehydration.

He has since recovered.

Now, new policies have been put into place to avoid any future mistakes.