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Homeowners given the green light to rebuild in flood way

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OKLAHOMA CITY-  A handful of homeowners in Oklahoma City were finally given the go ahead to rebuild their properties after being wiped out by the May 20 tornado.

Tuesday, city leaders gave those storm victims the green light to rebuild in a flood way.

The problem affected five properties on S. Saint Claire, near S.W. 157th St. and May Ave.

Since the homes sat in a flood way, the city would not grant the victims permits to rebuild even though they all have insurance.

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However, the city council voted to allow the special one time exemption on Tuesday.

The owners say they appreciate the decision but say it is bittersweet because there will be restrictions.

They will have to raise their foundation by a foot and cannot expand beyond the footprint of the old homes.

Jennifer Wisooker said, "The bottom line is the government has control, control over what I do on my land and I don't think that's right."

Even with today's vote, the Oklahoma City Board of Adjustment will have the final say on the issue.