Crime reports show alarming trends, serious warning for women

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The OSBI has just released some alarming new information on seven serious crimes across our state.

The new statistics come with a big warning for Oklahoma women.

The FBI defines serious crimes as ones likely to be reported to law enforcement, those that violate moral sensitivities of society or crimes that are reoccurring like murder, robbery and rape.

The OSBI said there is a significant increase in these types of crimes.

Since 2011, rape cases have gone up about 15-percent.

Aggravated assault has seen a 4-percent jump.

However, the number of murders in Okla. has remained steady, about 219 cases in both 2011 and 2012.

Robberies have decreased.

The OSBI also tracks non-violent crimes in the report, crimes like burglary, larceny and auto theft.

Officials reported car thefts to be up about 5 percent, larceny is up 3 percent but burglaries are down more than 2 percent.

Authorities said these reports help them track crime trends and show crews where to focus their efforts.

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