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UPDATE: Spirit Bank paid it 4ward with $400 to help with her mission and we've learned another group is paying it 4ward to Kimmel as well.

John and Mackenzie Wester own Ace Garage Door company and this week (August 20th) they had a surprise for her.

"We want to give you all brand new doors for you. So we'll be putting in new garage door and a new side door and also MacKenzie has something for you. We also want to donate $500 for your charity to help the victims of the Moore tornado,” John Wester says.

“Wow; they are going to be so excited,” Kimmel says. "Thank you – yay; I'm so excited."

The Ace crews got to work and very quickly put a new garage door in as well as a side door.

As for the extra $500, Kimmel says it will go to a family who was hit hard by the tornado.

Here is the original story:
In our latest segment of Pay it 4Ward one woman is combining glamour and giving. In Oklahoma, pageants are serious business. It's not just a hobby it's a way of life. It brings out the beauty inside and out for those involved.

Recently, one metro woman decided to bring pageantry and charity together.

"For days after the tornado all you saw was the devastation," Jammie Kimmel recalls. "I was lying in bed one night and looked around and thought you still have a home; four walls and pictures and most importantly you still have your baby. So I had to do something."

That "something" Jammie Kimmel came up with was putting together a pageant to benefit Moore tornado victims. 13-year-old Courtney Lariviere watched Jammie put it together in amazement.

"She got 80 girls to compete and raised over $6000," Courtney Lariviere says. "She's just the sweetest person you could ever meet."

Kimmel worked tirelessly; getting sponsors and donations.

Four families were adopted by the pageant to get aid; another family won a car.

Her garage was full of items carefully gathered for each family.

Then, while in the thick of getting the pageant organized, Jammie Kimmel's own luck went sour.

"She got laid off from her job," Lariviere explains.

Her job of 15 years was over and it put this single mother in shock, but she was determined to put on the event.

"Luckily I'm blessed with tons of friends who are able to pitch in and help out," Kimmel says. "We were able to make a difference in the lives of five families."

For this, and so much more, Courtney Lariviere nominated Jammie for Pay it 4ward.

"I think it's exciting that you're only 13-years-old and you're doing this nomination. I think it's also exiting that Jammie is using her energy and starting this pageant for the Moore tornado families. I'd like to give you $400,” Amie Trautman with Spirit Bank says.

“Thank you so much she's going to be so excited," Lariviere says.

“I'm Meg Alexander from NewsChanne 4 and we have a program with Spirit Bank and Courtney and a number of other people have nominated you for this program," Meg Alexander says. "So on behalf of Spirit Bank and NewsChannel 4 here's $400.”

"I'm supposed to go get pictures done and you're messing up my make-up," Jammie Kimmel says jokingly.

Some of her pageant princesses were on hand to congratulate her and also friends young and old.

This mom is making a difference and keeping her head up during her own difficult time.

And even now she is thinking of others when it comes to the money she just received.

"Last night we had a horrible storm and my garage door is leaking and it got my donations wet so I'll probably fix the garage door,” Kimmel says. "It's been an amazing experience and I just wanted to help out where I could and make a difference."

Jammie Kimmel was done this for sure.

If you know of someone who should be nominated for our pay it 4 ward award, we want to hear from you.

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