Sentencing underway for Okla. soldier acquitted of aiding enemy

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FORT MEADE, M.D. - Sentencing is underway for Oklahoma soldier Bradley Manning Wednesday.

He is the Army intelligence analyst convicted on multiple counts of releasing top-secret information that landed in the hands of Al Qaeda.

He was found guilty on 20 counts including espionage but acquitted of aiding the enemy in the WikiLeaks case Tuesday.

Manning gave WikiLeaks battle plans, diplomatic cables and video of an Apache helicopter that killed a civilian in Baghdad.

He faces up to 136 years in prison.

Military law expert Eugene Fidell said, "The government is very, very serious about protecting the status of classified information and people who, people who disseminate it are playing with fire."

The judge found the Crescent native negligent but said he didn't intend for those secrets to end up in enemy hands, which they did.

The White House and State Department had no comment.

Experts said they think it is unlikely Manning will get the full sentence.

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