The first happy homecoming in Moore

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MOORE, Okla. - A victim of the Moore tornado victim will go to sleep knowing she is only weeks away from moving into her brand new home. It was made possible by volunteers and generous donations.

It will be the first of many happy homecomings in Moore.

It is an oasis on a sea of destruction; within weeks, one tornado victim will be returning home.

Her entire Moore neighborhood was decimated on May 20th.

100's of volunteers have donated 1000's of man hours to get this house up so quickly.

“We don't want anyone to peek. We want to have some aspects of surprise,” says Jody Gettys with Operation Blessing.

"Operation Blessing" is a faith-based humanitarian organization. Less than 24 hours after the tornado, volunteers were here and ready to help.

“There are a lot of people who need help. At some point up have to decide who,” Gettys explains.

"Operation Blessing" selected 74-year old Barbara Garcia, an uninsured tornado victim who gained international notoriety when your dog, Bowzer, crawled from beneath the rubble during a live television interview.

Garcia is getting a new 1560 square foot home, with all the amenities, for free.

It is a blessing for the senior citizen. But the house, which sits right off I-35, is a beacon of hope for other storm victims, including a local businessman and his family.

“Every day, they say, daddy, can we go by that house because it brings so much hope and peace,” says the local businessman.

It's only one house. But it is giving others the courage to rebuild and hope of much more on the not so distant horizon.

Operation Blessing was able to get much of the work donated.

They are still hoping to add a donated storm shelter to the home before Barbara Garcia moves home in a few weeks.

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