Trash truck driver helps child learn to speak

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ROANOKE, V.A.- A Virginia family who struggled to get their 4-year-old son to talk says a truck driver made all the difference in their son's world.

These days, all it takes is for Zach to hear the revving of the trash truck engine coming down the street.

Zach Taylor said, "I hear him coming this way. Here he comes!"

Every Thursday, Zach waits with his mom for W.C. Nimmo, the garbage truck operator, to stop by and say hello.

This weekly tradition has turned into a major milestone for Zach and his family.

Cara Taylor said, "He didn't really have a desire to talk. And the first real compound set of words he started putting together were words for W.C. He really wanted to learn to say trash truck and garbage can."

It all started with W.C. waving from his trash truck.

Zach eventually came around and his vocabulary skills started skyrocketing.

Taylor said, "It just exploded. I think what they called it is a language explosion. Probably six months after W.C., we started paying attention to what was going on at Christmas time that year. That's when we went, 'Wow, he started talking for the trash man.' The trash man made a difference so it was a big deal for us."

W.C. Nimmo said, "I'm glad to see him come out like he did but I don't think I had anything to do with it."

Now, Zach wears the trash truck shirt W.C.'s wife made him and W.C. still takes a little time to talk with the 4-year-old.

While the Taylor family couldn't be more grateful for the friendship that has helped their son blossom, W.C. says they aren't the only ones who get something out of it.

Nimmo said, "Yeah, he's fun. I look forward to Thursday, probably more than he does some times."

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