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Customer rescues wedding dress in McDonald’s parking lot

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OKLAHOMA CITY- There are a lot of things you may expect to see in a fast-food restaurant's drive-through but a wedding dress probably doesn't come to mind.

However, that's exactly what one customer found Wednesday morning when heading to the McDonald's near N.W. 23rd St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

Cynthia Ford and her children discovered the dress, which was still wrapped in plastic from a dry cleaners, in the restaurant's parking lot.

Cars were running over the sentimental item so she and her children decided to rescue the dress from any further damage.

There is no way to tell whose dress it is since there is no name on it and no phone number listed.

Ford says she would love for the rightful owner to be found and can't image how something so precious would end up in the parking lot.

"They opened the trunk and it just fell out?  Automatic trunk?  I don't know," she said.  "I'm pretty sure she's going crazy.   I'm pretty sure.  So we just want to find the owner of the dress and let her stop worrying about it."

Moliere Bridal in Oklahoma City is keeping the dress until the rightful owner can be found.

If you know the owner, call the bridal shop at (405) 840-0100.

You can also contact them through their website.