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Saving on tax-free weekend with back-to-school budgets

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OKLAHOMA CITY- It's something every family wants to do; go back-to-school shopping without blowing the family budget.

The tax-free weekend begins Friday but school supplies and backpacks are not included on the list of items that are tax exempt.

The tax holiday is aimed at things like clothing, non-athletic shoes and even diapers.

Last year, the average family spent $689 on back-to-school shopping.

However, there are other strategies you can use to trim the bill.

Experts say you should check your child's closet and see what still fits.

Also, see if any clothing could be passed down to a sibling.

Parents can get together and organize a clothing swap to avoid the stores.

Amy Welch, with the Oklahoma Society of CPA's, joined Linda Cavanaugh in our studios with ideas to get everything your kids need without breaking the bank.

For more ideas, head to the OSCPA website.