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Sports and steroids: Why players cheat

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NEW YORK- The drama surrounding baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and Major League Baseball is continuing.

Baseball is nearing a decision on the fate of 'A-Rod' and his future in the sport in the wake of allegations that Rodriguez used performance enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez has a choice between a long-term suspension or they will ban him from the sport for life.

S.L. Price, from Sports Illustrated, said, "The general sense is that it would be a very good time to retire. Take the ban and go."

The 38-year-old Yankee will learn his fate sometime this week.

Rodriguez has vowed to appeal any decision by Major League Baseball reportedly to save the remainder of his contract, which is worth $114 million over five years.

The suspension and possible lifetime ban stems from an investigation into the Biogenesis Clinic that supplied players with performance enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez has admitted to using steroids in the past but insists he hasn't used any performance enhancing drugs since that time.

The New York Daily News reports that baseball's internal investigation turned up emails, text messages and other evidence that Rodriguez interfered with the investigation.

Mike Lupica, a well-known sports columnist, said, "He has put himself in this situation and everyone is closing in on him and I don't know if he can get out of this this time."

Despite not playing a game all year, Rodriguez will make about $28 million.

NewsChannel 4's Dylan Buckingham sat down with Linda Cavanaugh for the prevalence of this type of scandal in the sporting world.