Storms possible this weekend

Al Qaeda threat leads to U.S. embassy closings

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WASHINGTON- The U.S. State Department issued a rare global travel alert, warning of a possible Al Qaeda attack in the Arab Nations of the Middle East or North Africa.

The announcement comes just one day after U.S. embassies in that region were ordered to close as a precaution on Sunday.

In Kabul, Afghan employees were told not to show up on Sunday.

Roger Cressey, NBC News terrorism analyst, said, "To close multiple embassies reflects the severity of the threat and also how credible this source might be."

Experts say the alert is a warning to the terrorists.

Joel Rubin, an analyst on national security, said, "That we are watching and we are aware that those who are talking about doing something harmful are aware that the U.S. is knowing what it is that they're talking about."

The state department says the danger might not diminish after Sunday and U.S. embassies might remain closed.