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GRAPHIC: Owner finds dog stabbed in face, pup expected to recover

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - Police are searching for the person who stabbed a dog in the face Friday morning. The knife was still in Lucy the dog's head when her owner arrived at Beck's Garage for work.

Jeff Beck keeps the dog at his shop with five others. He says someone must have broke into the building and stabbed Lucy.

"He's a dirtbag, for sure dirtbag," said Beck.

Beck knows that the people who live behind his work woke up to someone banging on their door.They believe a man stumbled over from a nearby bar and ended up jumping the fence surrounding Beck's Garage. That same fence holds Beck's six dogs.

"They're not vicious by nature, but this is their territory," said Beck. "They're just protecting their home turf."

The wound is something veterinarians had never seen before.

'She wasn't crying," said the vet. "She was really docile. Like I said, her tail was wagging the whole time."

Beck's wife, Theresa Zaizar, checked on the dog after surgery.

"I just couldn't believe that anybody could do that to a little pup," said Zaizar.

Lucy will recover.

"It was a really nasty wound, but she's fortunate she didn't lose her eyesight," said Beck.

Police say the stabbing suspect could be the same man who they believe caused an altercation at the nearby bar.

dog stabbed

WARNING: Images in this story may be considered graphic.

Jeff Beck, owner of Beck's Garage, was certainly surprised when he got to work that morning.

His dog was stabbed just below the eye. Dog scr after

Whoever stabbed the dog could face burglary charges and animal cruelty as well.