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Neighbors tired of jungle next door

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OKLAHOMA CITY- One community is afraid of what may be living in weeds that are growing outside a local home.

Neighbors at N.E. 13th St. and Grand say the home is surrounded by a "small jungle."

The house is almost completely hidden by a yard that has grown seven or eight-feet tall.

Those in the neighborhood say the yard smells, is filled with strange sounds and they've even seen a creature or two in the mess.

Coise Johnson lives right next door and says she’s had it.

“You can’t even see the address. You can’t even see the front door,” says Johnson. “I’ve just never seen anything like it.”

Year after year, she has to worry about the abandoned yard.

Johnson says, “This yard now is just ridiculous.”

She says she’s lucky she’s only seen a few spiders, roaches and rabbits but can’t help but wonder what else or who else might be living in there.

“Anybody could be in there hiding at night and it’s scary,” says Johnson. “You see today they still haven’t got here and I just don’t know what to do.”

Johnson has been on the phone with the city’s Action Center all summer.

She says they told her they finally nailed down a date to come out and mow.

However, that was three weeks ago.

Johnson said, “I’m just sick. I’m tired of calling and calling and calling and I don't know what else to do."

She says she just wants someone to take care of it so that the street she grew up on can get back to looking the way it used to.

“It’s embarrassing for me to have people come over,” says Johnson. “Everyone that comes over, they talk about his yard.”

She says of all the abandoned homes on her street, this is the only that doesn't get attention.

Johnson said, “When I see this I don't even want to do my yard."

Once you make it to the front door, you can see someone tried to sell it.

Five Star Realty says they no longer have the property and just didn't bother to take down the sign.

Johnson’s spent all summer trying to figure out who to call.

She's tried the grandchildren of the original owner, who passed away years ago.

“I’m sure they know but I guess they don’t care,” says Johnson. “I guess they don’t care because if they did they would come and try and do something about it.”

She’s even tried the city, which put a ticket on the front door.

Today, we finally figured out the property is in the hands of Oklahoma County.

We notified them about the problem and in just a few hours, the neighborhood's "small jungle" was gone.

According to the Oklahoma City’s Action Center, complaints against this abandoned home date back to 2004.

Almost all of the complaints are about those weeds that grow every summer.

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