Start of school delayed for Taft Middle School students

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- Summer vacation just got one week longer for nearly 1,000 middle school students in Oklahoma City.

Construction at Taft Middle School, near N.W. 23rd and May, won't allow the school to open next week with the rest of the district.

Instead, classes will start at Taft on August 12.

While workers are rushing to finish a $5 million upgrade to Taft, the delay is great news to students.

Colton Tiger said, "It's pretty exciting. I get more time I can spend with my 'nana,"

Some parents aren't thrilled by the delay but agree it's a small price to pay for the multi-million dollar improvements.

One parent said, "It's a little disappointing but the good thing is they'll have all the repairs made so they can have a successful school year."

Tierney Tinnin, spokesperson for the Oklahoma City Public School District, said, "We know this is an inconvenience but the end result is going to be amazing."

District leaders say moving Taft students to another school while construction wrapped up simply proved impossible.

Tinnin said, "Because we have 1,000 kids, we don't have additional space to get kids in while working on the school so we have to push the start date back a week.".

The district does not plan to add extra days to the Taft calendar to make up for the time missed.

Instead, 20 minutes will be added to each day.

"I think that's good," said Colton. "Taking 20 minutes of my time, I don't care."

Tinnin said, "Everyday they're in school they're banking time. We're confident the kids will not have to make up time they miss next week."

This isn't the first time the district has had to delay the start of classes because of construction associated with MAPS for Kids.

Last year, Roosevelt Middle School also saw a four-day delay.