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Super-sized burger blunder sends man to slammer

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ALBANY, Ga.- It's probably happened to you once or twice, getting the wrong order at a fast-food restaurant.

However, police in Georgia say one man took his frustration with McDonald's a little too far and ended up behind bars for it.

Lorenzo Riggins was hungry and made a late night stop to a nearby McDonald's.

He said, "I went in to order seven McDoubles and one chicken and one fry."

After he walked outside, he noticed that wasn't what they gave him.

Riggins said, "I left out the store without checking it but when I got to my truck and I got ready to leave, I looked in my bag and come to find out I didn't have but six McDoubles."

He took the bag inside and talked to an employee about getting another hamburger.

He said, "She was trying to get an attitude with me. I said I'm going to call the police." hamburger

That's exactly what he did.

When police arrived, he was the one taken away in handcuffs.

He said, "I called the police and thinking that everything all cool by calling the police. I didn't know I was misusing 911. I never thought that."

He was arrested and charged with violation of emergency 911.

Riggens said, "I want justice, I want to be treated like a person with respect and any other person with respect but I never knew that I was misusing 911."

He says customers should always check their orders before leaving and don't call 911 if there is a problem with it.

Riggens says he still plans to eat at McDonald's despite the arrest.