Warr Acres Police involved in chase, shooting reported

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WARR ACRES, Okla. -- Warr Acres Police were involved in a chase of a suspect Friday night and that chase ended with the suspect being shot.

Warr Acres Police were trying to pull over a suspect who led officers on a wild chase through Oklahoma City and Mustang at speeds of over 105 miles per hour.

OSBI investigators say that a Warr Acres police officer shot 32-year-old Jon M. Sides. He did have an extensive history with police.

His arrests included possession of methamphetamine, concealing stolen property, bail jumping, and assault and battery. His criminal history here in oklahoma goes back to 2001.

As the suspect tried to run from police, he turned onto Highway 152 from MacArthur. The driver continued to Morgan Road where he turned south on a road which turned to gravel and then dead ended.

The chase ended at S.W. 119th and Morgan Road. That's where the suspect got out of the car. There was some type of confrontation and police ended up shooting the suspect.

It is reported that the suspect died. The OSBI has taken over the investigation.

EMSA responded to the scene. No officers were injured in the shooting.

Here is a photo from Sides Facebook page:
jon sides from his facebook page