Dead chinchilla dumped at zoological park

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WYNNEWOOD, Okla. - The GW Interactive Zoological Park says someone is falsely claiming workers there are abusing animals and the protesters are going to bizarre lengths to prove it.

Surveillance video shows a man walk into the park's gift shop holding a cage.

That cage held a chinchilla. Park Manager, John Reinke, says the man asked him to take the animal.

"I said, 'I really don't have room for a chinchilla,'" Reinke said.

After a short conversation, the video shows the man sits the cage down and leaves.

He never returned and the suspicious situation took a turn.

Gift shop worker, Anite Forrest, says a park visitor saw the chinchilla. The woman told workers that the man who left it had a second, dead chinchilla. She said he was videotaping a protest outside the gates. 

"She said she could tell they were fake crying, that they were trying to cry even though they weren't crying, that they were saying, 'I can't believe the park did this,' and 'Look what they did,' and went on and on and on," Forrest said.

The zoo doesn't keep chinchillas. Reinke suspects the protesters killed the animal to make the park look bad.

"They put this on the Internet," Reinke said. "They say, 'Help me stop these people. Donate to me,' and they'll raise millions of dollars trying to stop us from killing these animals that they're killing."

It's a problem Reinke says he's dealt several times before.

This time he has video and Sheriff's deputies found the dead chinchilla in the bamboo outside the center.

"This chinchilla didn't deserve that," Reinke said.

Now, Reinke said he hopes someone recognized the man so whoever killed the animal gets what they deserve.

Garvin County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case.

The person who killed the chinchilla could face animal cruelty charges.