Edmond police arrest man for not registering as a sex offender

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Edmond police arrested a registered sex offender they say had not registered with their police department and was living too close to a school. Police were originally called to the home in the 200 block of West 9th to check the welfare of someone else.

They say Navor Bill Sandoval, 47, was inside the home. Police asked for his driver's license and they say he admitted that he was a registered sex offender.

The address on his license was the same as the home in Edmond, but police say he was not registered with their police department and he was living too close to a school.

By law, sex offenders can't live within 2000 feet of a school and Sandoval was about 110 feet away from Sunset Elementary.

"Our main concern was it's 110 feet away from a school, elementary school; and he hadn't checked in with us to register," said Jenny Monroe with the Edmond Police Department.

Police say Sandoval claimed he lived somewhere else and only occasionally stayed at the Edmond home with family.

"His driver license had the Edmond address. He said it was just a mailing address. But the other people inside the house did confirm he's here during the day because it's so hot and he spends several nights a week at this house and so we felt like he was in violation," said Monroe.

John and Hope Cummings live across the street. Hope Cummings says she's seen the man who was arrested several times and even waved at him.

"It never crossed my mind. I'm in shock. That's just kind of something I didn't expect," she said.

Her husband says it's disturbing knowing that a sex offender was staying right across the street.

"We try to keep our kids safe and away from that kind of stuff and then to find out it's right next door to us, it's crazy," said John Cummings.

Sandoval was booked into jail for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender and Residing within 2000 feet of a School as a Registered Sex Offender.