Metro man accused of starting fire in own home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro man is arrested after police said he started a fire in his own home.

Anthony Dill, 45, was arrested Sunday morning.

Police were initially called to his home to check on his welfare and when they tried to contact him, they said he started a fire in the front room of his duplex.

"The police came and pulled us out of the house because they said a fire was started next door," neighbor Kenya Thomas said.

Instead of being angry at her neighbor though, Thomas said she told police he should not go to jail.

"I feel that he shouldn't have went to jail," she said. "I feel that he shoulda went to the hospital or something because I love him. He's never brought any drama to my family."

Thomas said her neighbor suffers from mental illness and she's afraid that Dill won't get the help he needs by sitting in a jail cell.

"I don't feel like they should have took him to jail because there's other people out there that's going through mental problems and deep depression and schizophrenic and these people need help," Thomas said

Thomas said the police had to actually force Dill out of his home.

Despite the potential danger, her concern for her neighbor is outweighing the fear.

"That did concern me, you know, because it did put me and my family's lives in danger but at the same time, it didn't," she said. "God blessed us. He watched over us and he watched over him too."

This is not the first time Dill has been arrested for arson.

He plead guilty to first-degree arson back in 2007.