OKCPS’s new uniform policy and the F.D. Moon Academy gets outdoor classroom

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Today marked the first day of class for students across the Oklahoma City District and with the fresh start came a change to school policy.

Earlier this year the Oklahoma City Public School Board adopted a district-wide uniform policy.

The new dress code requires kids to wear khakis, t-shirts, polo shirts or sweaters. It bans them from wearing clothing with logos, jeans, sweats, hoodies, or flip-flops.

As students headed back to class across the district, children at one school were greeted with a special surprise.

Students at F.D. Moon Academy got their first glimpse of the school's new outdoor classroom.

Boeing donated $5,000 and 100 employees donated their time transforming the outdoor space to something children can now safely use.

Warren Pete, F.D. Moon Academy Principal says, "It was terrible. Wires were falling down, dirt was everywhere; kids could not utilize the place in a positive way. It was dangerous for the students so I'm so thankful that Boeing did what they did."

Volunteers left their own personal touches throughout the project with beautiful landscaping and original art murals. Today students left their own mark on the space by leaving colorful handprints on the new planters.