Phony cop steals man’s wallet during traffic stop

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man from Little Rock, Arkansas will not drive home with fond memories of Oklahoma. He was pulled over for a traffic violation, but the supposed cop stole his wallet.

It happened late last month, near S.E. 82nd and Gateway Terrace. The victim, Heath Hearne, said a vehicle came flying up behind him just before noon on July 27, flashing their headlights.

After pulling over, the driver claimed he was a cop and asked Hearne if he had just run a stop sign. Hearne apologized and tried to explain that he was not from around here.

When he asked to see a police badge, the suspect became angry and told him to spread his legs to pat him down. That's when the suspect took the victim's wallet and sped away.

Oklahoma City police gave us surveillance video and they say it shows the victim's stolen debit card being used at a Family Dollar in southwest OKC.
Lady using Stolen Creditcard-family-dollar1

But they also say the woman in the video is not a suspect.

The suspect is described as a white male, six feet tall, 250 pounds, wearing a black baseball hat and black shirt. He also has tattoos on both arms.

He was driving a dark gray Nissan Altima. Anyone with information is urged to call police.