Shawnee family searching for 25-pound missing pet tortoise

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - A Shawnee family is desperately searching for their missing pet, a 25-pound tortoise.

The exotic reptile disappeared in June and the search is becoming exhausting.

Cassidy Graham said her tortoise Speedy loves people and craves attention.

"He likes to have his shell scratched," Graham said. "He will actually dance back and forth. He'll either move his bottom back and forth or he'll stand up real tall on his front legs and move his front back and forth." Speedy tortise

Speedy has a yellow head, red scales on his legs and a dark brown shell with yellow spots.

The tortoise, originally from South America, has been missing from the Graham's house since June 16.

"The horses plotted the fence, they pulled it up here so he just kind of got out," Graham said.

The Grahams searched day and night for two weeks, through nine acres of land, looking for some sign of Speedy.

After coming up empty handed, the Grahams are hoping someone knows his where-a-bouts.

Missing turtle

Speedy was spotted near the Graham’s twice in July and the family said they hope to find Speedy before the temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

"If he does come home, he's getting a tortoise GPS tracker on him after this, so we can find him much easier," Graham said.

Luckily, Speedy has plenty of food and water available in the great outdoors.

However there are still risks, like him flipping onto his shell and not being able to turn back over.

Graham said she has a feeling Speedy is OK and senses he was probably searching for something specific.

"We think he's looking for a girlfriend, which he's unlikely to find in this area, that's why we think he got the wandering bug," Graham said.

The Grahams are offering a reward for anyone who finds Speedy.

If you have any idea where he might be, email Cassidy Graham at